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Place-making…does place define form, or does form give context to place? Given the awe and beauty of Bragg Creek AB, we explored the notion of Deterritorialization/Reterritorialization as a strategy to foster a dialogue between the architecture and the landscape, in some instances taming it, while in others letting it run wild. The project allocates the more Private aspects of dwelling (ie. Sleeping, Study) in a bar at the top of the slope facilitating generous views of the Mountains. The Public bar of the residence (ie. Kitchen, Dining and Living) tumbles further down the slope towards the water, in some instances allowing the natural landscape to physically carve its way thru the building (as seen flowing under the main entry and Living Room).


Both the Private and Public bars of the residence are connected/animated by both movement and nature. The Transitional space(s) of the residence (ie. Stairs, etc.) form the loci of the building facilitating movement between the private and public spaces of the house, as well as framing a garden and reflecting pool. This ‘tamed’ landscape is constantly navigated as one moves from various spaces within the residence, becoming a wayfinding device or beacon. As such, nature and architecture work in a reciprocating fashion…informing each others moves and gesture.






Framing the Landscape…here the landscape is Deterritorialized by the insertion of ‘structural’ fins which forcibly contain and domesticate both view and the way(s) in which one understands the landscape. The ‘fins’ double as both structural elements of the dwelling, as well as dictate the distribution of program and views out to the exterior.







The Landscape in this project becomes a co-author of sorts, both dictating the massing of the dwelling, as well as conversing with the architecture via its willful intrusion into and in some cases thru the building. The building literally ‘falls’ down the slope towards the Bow River following the natural contours of the site in an effort to disturb as little of the site as possible. The Landscape becomes Reterritorialized as its proximity nears or encroaches into the interior courtyards of the House. The natural flora, gradually mix then become supplanted by groomed and manicured gardens. Then in one grand gesture, the landscape actually flows under the entry portion of the house.


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